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Pay Plan

The Personnel Code requires the Director of Central Management Services to prepare and maintain a Pay Plan in order to set out a system to provide fair and reasonable compensation to employees for services rendered.

This plan offers various salary schedules and pay ranges, and a set of uniform pay practices for administering the state's compensation program. Periodically, salary surveys are conducted and the range rates are adjusted to assure competitiveness with the labor market. The minimum rates must be sufficient to recruit qualified candidates for each of the different occupations in state government, and the salary range is set to allow agencies to retain an experienced and well trained work force. In addition, the Plan provides higher rates of pay for the more challenging jobs in an organization in order to offer pay incentives to encourage individuals to assume greater responsibility. By fixing rates to specific kinds of work, competition between agencies is reduced and this helps to control labor costs and stabilize the work force within the system as a whole.

Instructions for searching and printing the Pay Plan document

The Pay Plan is available in PDF format (Adobe Reader). It can be viewed, printed and searched upon for desired text or topics.


To search for any word or phrase within the Pay Plan, use the "Find" or "Search" feature of Adobe Acrobat. This icon is located on the Adobe Acrobat menu bar usually located immediately beneath your Internet browser"s menu bar. The icon generally looks like a set of binoculars... Find

For example, entering "310.410" or "Table D" will move the text pointer to the first occurrence of that text. Clicking the "Find" icon a second time will give the option of finding the next occurrence of the text or locating different text. This is a quick way to navigate through the document locating only the desired text.

To quickly move from one occurrence of a word or phrase to the next within the Personnel Rules, use the "Find Next" or "Search Next" feature of Adobe Acrobat. The icon generally looks like a set of binoculars with an arrow on it...Find Arrow


To print the entire document, select File, Print and select All under Print Range.

To print a specific range of pages, select File, Print and enter the desired page numbers under Print Range.


Your version of Adobe Acrobat may operate slightly differently than described above, but all versions have the ability to search and print.

For reduced paper use, the document is set up for duplexed printing. As a result, an occasional blank page has been inserted to accommodate duplexing.

The Pay Plan on this site was last updated October 18, 2023.