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The State of Illinois' Recycling programs allow state agencies to recycle a variety of items and materials.

Recycle paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, old telephone directories, scrap metal fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, laser printer cartridges, VCR Tapes, Data Tapes and silver bearing materials.

E-Cycle provides recycling or proper disposal of electronic equipment, such as PCs, copiers, monitors, printers and wires.

Illinois Leads Effort to Recycle Electronics

In 2006, Illinois became the first state in the Midwest to begin recycling its surplus computers, cell phones and other electronic equipment to prevent leaks of mercury, lead and other toxins into the environment. Now the State Government electronics will be recycled - or refurbished and reused.

More than 90% of outmoded electronic equipment and their toxic substances, such as lead, cadmium, copper, flame retardants and phosphorus winds up in landfills or illegal dumps, risking toxic leaks that can pose health dangers.

An Executive Order requiring State agencies, boards and commissions to safely dispose of its PCs and laptops, fax and copy machines, cellular phones and other e-waste in an environmentally responsible manner when it reaches the end of its usable life, making Illinois the first state in the Midwest to implement electronic recycling policies.

Of the 57,000 employees that work in agencies, boards or commissions under the Executive, approximately 55,000 people regularly use a PC or laptop for their day-to-day work. This order will require responsible disposal as state agencies find it necessary to upgrade and replace equipment every three to five years. The order will also impact disposal of thousands of fax and photocopy machines, cellular phones and PDAs that are upgraded or replaced each year.

Many components of electronic equipment including plastic, glass and metals can be reused or recycled, which significantly reduces the amount of toxic and hazardous substances that may enter the environment.

Public Act 95-0959

Signed into law on Sept. 17, 2008; effective Sept. 17, 2008. Creates the Electronics Products Recycling and Reuse Act. Requires electronics manufacturers to collect and recycle or process for reuse residential televisions, printers, computer monitors, computers, laptop computers and printers (collectively known as "covered electronics devices," or CEDs), and other "eligible electronics devices" (EEDs) at no charge to consumers.

Beginning January 1, 2012 landfills would be prohibited from knowingly accepting any CEDs for disposal. This includes televisions, computers, printers, and computer monitors (both residential and non-residential).  The burning or incineration of televisions, computers, printers and computer monitors would also be prohibited.