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Vendor Payment Program

Vendors are encouraged to contact Qualified Purchasers with questions about whether specific invoices may be eligible for assignment through the VPP. Other questions about the VPP can be directed to Marelda Baidy by clicking here​ or by calling (217) 782-2141.

Due to a delayed payment cycle, the State of Illinois has created the Vendor Payment Program (VPP). It is a voluntary program designed to expedite the time frame of payments to State vendors and service providers. Participation is simple, secure, and vendors receive 100% value of their receivables free of cost.


Vendors must have a receivable that is:

  • Eligible to accrue Prompt Payment Penalty interest under the State of Illinois' Prompt Payment Act
  • At least 90 days past due
  • Free of any liens or encumbrances
Please Note: Medical Assistance receivables are NOT eligible for the Vendor Payment Program.