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Risk Management

The Risk Management Division is responsible for the administration of workers' compensation claims for work-related accidents of state employees. Additionally, it administers auto liability and insurance procurements for all property, casualty, and liability expenses. The Risk Management Division provides three primary services to state employees.

Employee Representation and Indemnification Program

CMS acts as the paying agent for indemnification claims brought against state employees. The Office of the Attorney General provides representation. Cases usually involve the deprivation of a Civil or Constitutional Right arising out of an act or omission occurring within the scope of the employee's state employment.


"In the event that any civil proceeding is commenced against any State employee arising out of any act or omission occurring within the scope of the employee's State employment, the Attorney General shall, upon timely and appropriate notice to him by such employee, appear on behalf of such employee and defend the action" - 5 ILCS 350/2(a)

The terms, conditions, and definitions of the State Employee Representation and Indemnification Program (5ILCS 350/0.01 et seq.) can be viewed at:

If a State of Illinois employee is informed that he/she is being named as a defendant or claimant in any lawsuit arising out of their employment, or if an employee has been served with a lawsuit naming them as a defendant, he/she should immediately contact the Division of Risk Management at 217-785-1954.

Statutory basis: (5 ILCS 350/) State Employee Indemnification Act

NOTE: Hearing impaired individuals may contact Risk Management through the Illinois Relay Center for the hearing impaired by calling 800-526-0844.