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Language Access Plan

The Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) is committed to ensuring meaningful access to State employment, programs, and activities by limited English proficiency (LEP) persons. The Equal Employment Opportunity Office is responsible for creating and implementing the Language Access Plan (Plan). The Plan provides the framework for the provision of timely and reasonable language assistance to LEP persons who come in contact with CMS. The Plan will also help to ensure that CMS staff are aware of what to do when an individual with limited English proficiency needs assistance.

Individuals may file a complaint with the CMS Language Access Coordinator if they believe they have not received the CMS services set out in this Plan. The individual must file a written complaint within six months of the alleged denial.

Note: This Plan and Complaint Form pertain specifically to CMS. For information about other Illinois State agencies’ Language Access Plan or complaint process, please contact the Language Access Coordinator (LAC) for the specific agency.

To file a complaint with the CMS LAC specifically, submit the written complaint to:

CMS Language Access Coordinator
313 S. 6th Steet, 3rd Floor
Springfield, Illinois 62701