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Bilingual Needs & Bilingual Pay

It is our goal to ensure that all Illinois residents can fully participate in civic life and can fully access the services provided by the State of Illinois that are vital for the health, welfare, safety, and quality of life for all Illinois residents. The Personnel Code, at 20 ILCS 415/9(6), requires that the Department of Central Management Services (CMS) conduct an annual assessment of all agencies regarding their need for employees with bilingual capabilities to serve significant numbers of non-English speaking or culturally distinct persons.

The Bilingual Needs and Bilingual Pay Reports can be found at the bottom of the page. The data used for these reports can be found on the Illinois Open Data Portal, including a translation from the column name to the actual survey question. If you would like to examine the data or make your own graphs, you may download it or use the API (for API connection & instructions, please visit the Open Data Portal site).

Current and Historical Reports

Current Report

Historical Reports