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CMS Programs

Diversity Enrichment Program (DEP)

Administered by the Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS), the Diversity Enrichment Program (DEP) is designed to assist state agencies in developing and modifying programs to enable them to meet their affirmative action and equal employment opportunity goals.

Further information regarding the Diversity Enrichment Program can be found on the DEP page.

Disability Workers Program

Central Management Services Division of Examining and Counseling administers several programs including the Accommodated Testing Program, Alternative Employment Program (AEP), and Successful Disability (SD) Opportunities Program for people with disabilities through the Disabled Workers Program.

Further information regarding any of the programs offered by CMS can be found on the Disabled Workers Program page.

Employment Plan Councils

Central Management Services Diversity Enrichment Program administers the African American Employment Plan, Asian American Employment Plan, Hispanic Employment Plan, and Native American Employment Plan.

Further information about the councils, meeting schedules, meeting notices and agendas, and plan surveys can be found on the DEP page.