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Weight-Loss Benefit


As a commitment to an employee's overall wellness, eligible plan participants are entitled to receive a rebate towards the cost of an approved Weight-Loss Program. The maximum rebate is $200 once every three plan years. Employees who utilize a Weight-Loss Program are eligible for the weight-loss benefit through the Department.

The weight-loss benefit is available only to active employees who are enrolled in a State of Illinois employee health plan.  Active employees who opt-out or waive State of Illinois employee health coverage, dependents, annuitants and survivors are not eligible for this benefit. 

Reimbursement Documentation Requirements

  • Receipt indicating payment for the Weight-Loss Program.
  • Employee's name, address and telephone number.
  • Requests for the Weight-Loss Program reimbursements must be submitted to the Department within one year from the date of the receipt.

Ineligible Expenses

The following services are not eligible for reimbursement unless they are an integral part of the weight-loss program.

  • Fitness club membership
  • Over-the-counter supplements or drug therapy
  • Dietary food products
  • Hypnosis
  • Acupuncture

Submit Documentation to:

Weight-Loss Benefit
DCMS Group Insurance Division
801 S. 7th Street
PO Box 19208
Springfield, IL  62794-9208

For More Information

The Department of Central Management Services (Department) is the plan administrator of the Weight-Loss Benefit. Questions regarding the Weight-Loss Benefit should be directed to the Claims and Benefits Support Unit  (toll-free) 800-442-1300 or 217- 558-4486.