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Life Insurance

The plan administrator for life insurance benefits is MetLife. Members should maintain an up-to-date Beneficiary Designation forms especially when life-changing events, such as marriage or divorce, occur. All life coverage benefits may be found in the Life Certificate forms listed below.

When a member requests to increase Member Optional Life or requests to add Spouse Life coverage, an approved Statement of Health (SOH) application is required. If approved, coverage will be effective the date the SOH was approved by the life insurance plan administrator. A Statement of Health is not needed to add Child Life coverage (including an adopted child, stepchild, child of civil union partner, or child for whom the employee has obtained legal guardianship). A Statement of Health (SOH) is not required for newly acquired dependents (including a spouse, or civil union partner) added within 60 days of the qualifying event.

Life insurance benefits differ for employees, annuitants, and survivors, based on various criteria.

Life Insurance Documents and Forms