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Behavioral Health Services

The behavioral health services benefit can be used for the diagnosis and treatment of mental health and/or substance abuse disorders. Behavioral health services are a component of the health plan in which the member is enrolled. Aetna is the behavioral health plan administrator for members enrolled in the QCHP plan. Call Aetna at 855-339-9731 or visit

Additionally, the State offers its active employees who are participating in any of the health plans and their dependents access to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for various behavioral health issues.  The EAP is a no cost, voluntary and confidential program that provides problem identification, counseling and referral services for employees and their covered dependents regardless of the health plan chosen.

EAP is for active, non-union employees not represented by the collective bargaining agreement between the State and AFSCME Council 31.    

UNION Employees:

The Personal Support Program (PSP) is similar and parallel to the EAP program, however, PSP is for members within the bargaining unit.  PSP is administered by AFSCME.