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Dependent Coverage

Birth Date Certification. Employees must verify continued eligibility for dependents turning age 26 and 30. Employees with dependents turning age 26 and 30 will receive a letter from the MyBenefits Service Center several weeks prior to the birth month that contains information regarding continuation of coverage requirements and options. The employee must provide the required documentation to the MyBenefits Service Center prior to the dependent's birth date. Failure to certify the dependent's eligibility will result in the dependent's coverage being terminated effective the end of the birth month.

Annual Certification. Employees are required to certify all IRS dependents in the following categories on an annual basis: Domestic Partner, Civil Union Partner, Civil Union Partner Children, Disabled and Other.

Reinstatement of Dependent Coverage. If coverage for a dependent is terminated for failure to certify and the employee provides the required documentation within 30 days from the date the termination was processed, coverage will be reinstated retroactive to the date of termination. After 30 days, the coverage will be reinstated only with a qualifying change in status.

Termination of coverage for failure to certify is not a qualifying change in status. Nonretroactive reinstatement will cause a break in coverage which would prevent a dependent from qualifying for continued coverage in the Other category.

NOTE: Dependents with life insurance coverage only, as well as dependents of COBRA participants, must also certify eligibility for coverage.

Contact the MyBenefits Service Center (toll-free) 844-251-1777 for questions regarding certification of a dependent.