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FY2019 Rates

Monthly Contributions

The State shares the cost of health coverage with you. While the State covers the majority of the cost, you must make monthly contributions determined by your annual salary. The following chart outlines monthly contribution rates for full-time members. Note that part-time members are required to pay a percentage of the State's portion of the monthly contribution in addition to their own.

Employee Annual Salary Employee Monthly Health Plan Contribution Amounts​
Managed Care Quality Care
​$30,200 & below ​$68 $93​
​$30,201 - $45,600 ​$86 ​$111
​$45,601 - $60,700 ​$103 ​$127
​$60,701 - $75,900 ​$119 ​$144
$75,901 - $100,000 ​$137 ​$162
​$100,001 & above ​$186 ​$211

Members who retire, accept a salary reduction, or return to State employment at a different salary may have their monthly contribution adjusted based upon the new salary. This applies to members who return to work after having a 10-day or greater break in State service after terminating employment. This does not apply to members who have a break in coverage due to a leave of absence.

​ ​Retiree, Annuitant and Survivor Monthly Health Plan Contributions
​20 years or more of creditable service ​$0
​Less than 20 years of credible service and SERS/ SURS annuitant/survivor on or after 1/1/98 or TRS annuitant/survivor on or after 7/1/99.

​Five percent (5%) of the costs of the basic program of group health benefits for each year of service less than 20 years.


Retiree, annuitant, and survivor contributions for all health plan options will be in accordance with the levels set forth above in FY19. For future years, the State reserves the right to designate the plan options which constitute the basic program of health benefits and to require additional contributions in accordance with the law for any optional coverage elected by an annuitant, retiree, or survivor.

Dependent Monthly Health Plan Contributions

In addition to monthly contributions for their own health coverage, members must make additional monthly contributions for dependents they cover. Dependents must be enrolled in the same plan as the member. The Medicare dependent monthly contribution applies only if Medicare is primary for both Parts A and B.

​Health Plan Name and Code 1 Dependent​ 2+ Dependents​ ​1 Medicare A and B Primary Dependent ​2+ Medicare A and B Primary Dependents
​Aetna HMO ​$111 $156​ $88​ $130​
​Aetna OAP ​$111 ​$156 ​$88 ​$130
​BlueAdvantage HMO ​$96 ​$132 ​$75 ​$110
​Health Alliance HMO ​$113 ​$159 ​$89 ​$133
​HealthLink OAP ​$126 ​$179 ​$102 ​$149
​HMO Illinois ​$100 ​$139 ​$79 ​$116
​Quality Care Health Plan (Aetna) ​$249 ​$287 ​$142 ​$203


Basic Life Insurance is provided at no cost to all active members, retirees and annuitants. Active employees receive an amount equal to their annual salary. Retirees and annuitants under age 60 receive an amount equal to their annual salary on their last day of active employment. Retirees and annuitants age 60 or older receive a $5,000 benefit.

Member Optional Life coverage is available to active members, retirees and annuitants under age 60 at 1-8 times their Basic Life amount and to retirees and annuitants age 60 or older at 1-4 times their Basic Life amount. The maximum benefit allowed for Member Optional Life plus Basic Life is $3,000,000. Rate changes due to age go into effect the first pay period following the member's birthday.

Monthly Optional Term Life Insurance Contributions
Member by Age Monthly Rate per $1,000
Under 30 $0.02
Ages 30 - 39 $0.06
Ages 40 - 49 $0.08
Ages 50 - 54 $0.16
Ages 55 - 59 $0.36
Ages 60 - 64 $0.62
Ages 65 - 69 $1.22
Ages 70 and above $2.02
Accidental Death & Dismemberment $0.02
Spouse Life $10,000 coverage (Members, retirees and annuitants under age 60) $6.00
​Spouse Life $5,000 coverage (Retirees and annuitants age 60 or older) ​$3.00
Dependent Children (for $10,000 coverage) $0.70