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March’s Focus is National Nutrition Month

Nutrition for Kids

If you want your child to be healthy and have energy for all their favorite games and activities, then they need to eat food that is good for them and that will make them strong. How can you tell which foods will do the job?

Does it Have Nutritients?

Nutrients exist in many foods. We need nutrients to survive. Vitamins and minerals are both nutrients and both are key to growing up strong and healthy. Foods that are full of nutrients are as follows:

  • Fruits;
  • Vegetables;
  • Whole grains;
  • Lean protein; and
  • Low-fat dairy.

Does it Have Fiber?

Fiber is in fruits and vegetables, as well as many whole grains. It makes you feel full and helps your digestive system work normally. Beans have a lot of fiber and so does brown rice.

Does It Skip “Bad for Me” Foods?

Some foods aren’t helpful when it comes to growing up healthy. Lots of kids eat too many “empty calories.” Empty calories are calories that don’t have any nutrients. Don’t eat very much sugar as it is jam-packed with empty calories. Plus, it messes with your blood sugar, which could leave you full of energy one minute and totally tired the next. Other “Bad for Me” foods include:

  • Saturated fat; and
  • Trans fat.

Saturated fat is bad for you, especially for your heart. You’ll find it in animal products like butter and meat and it’s often solid at room temperature. Trans fat is often in store bought baked goods and crackers, along with margarine. The best way to eat right is to eat small portions of lots of different foods. Choose tons of colorful vegetables and fruits, then fill the rest of your plate with lean protein, non-fat dairy and whole grains.

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