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June is Men’s Health Month

Health Advice for Young Men

Teens and young men have tremendous resilience and healing capacity. Healthy young men benefit long-term when they see a doctor for a full physical exam every few years, get needed vaccinations and learn the importance of a good diet, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep.

Although most vaccinations series are completed by age 18, there are seasonal vaccines and boosters that everyone needs. According to medical professionals healthy young men should get the following:

  • Flu Shots;
  • Tdap Vaccine; and
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine.

There are relatively few tests young men need. However, getting a blood tests so that they know their baseline lipid (cholesterol) and glucose levels, as well as blood pressure, is smart. Young men should also know their family health history. Finally, if you have had unprotected sex or used intravenous drugs, tell your doctor. These conversations are confidential and help your doctor manage your health.

As you go into adulthood, enjoy your good health and energy as a young man, but don’t take it for granted. Get in the habit of taking care of your body. Eat right, get both adequate rest and exercise, reduce stress, and see your doctor regularly.

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