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July - Focus on Family Wellness

Fun Fitness Challenge Ideas to Do as a Family

Family fitness challenges make working toward fitness goals much more fun. Collaborating as a family helps you all stay motivated and learn to reach your goals. You'll create serious family bonding, accountability, and memories, while providing an opportunity to build positive change for everyone in your household.

There are many reasons to start a family fitness challenge and even more fitness goals to pursue. Some families seek to do a fitness challenge together for the sheer fun of it, or out of competitiveness. Possible goals might be to work up to running a set distance at a set pace or to prepare for a fitness related trip or event.

Below, is an outline of how to select and organize a fitness challenge for your family. There are limitless options for great goals to pursue:

  • Choose your challenge.
  • Pick your goal.
  • Make a plan.
  • Choose a reward.

As your family strives to complete your fitness challenge, consider coming up with an enticing reward. Beyond just the pleasure of sticking with and completing your goal, having a tangible prize can help motivate your crew to keep going, so can the promise of an exciting experience.

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