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December’s Focus is Winter Wellness

When the thermostat drops and the kids are stuck inside driving you stir-crazy with their various tech devices, it’s important to have a Plan C; a few good cold-weather ideas on hand. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to keep kids busy and prevent boredom throughout the long and lingering winter months.

From fun and games in the snow to board games in the living room to cultural and educational excursions outside the home, here are some indoor and outdoor winter activities for your family:

  • Go ice skating: A beloved winter weather pastime, ice skating is in full swing as rinks across the country have opened their gates for families.
  • Go for a sleigh ride, sledding or tubing: Winter sleigh rides and sledding excursions are exciting but snow-tubing, especially, is a snowy family winter activity. 
  • Play games in the snow: Encourage cold weather creativity and turn your backyard into a winter wonderland with outdoor activities like making a snowman (a fun winter activity for toddlers to help with), creating snow sculptures and building a snow fort or better yet, a snow castle. 
  • Cook a meal together:  If your crew usually makes microwave meals and orders takeout a tad too frequently, try learning a new skill as a family. Refer to any healthy and fun recipe guides or sign up the whole group for cooking classes. 
  • Watch a movie, trilogy or series: Freezing rain: movie. Snowy day: trilogy. Weekend blizzard/Nor’easter: series. Stock up on the latest hits and classic DVDs, Blu-Rays and complete favorite TV series now before you and the kids are trapped indoors for 48-plus straight hours during that inevitable, huge winter storm.
  • Read a book or two: Movies can catch their attention for a few hours but nothing beats a great book or better yet, a book series for capturing your kiddo’s innate imagination. 
  • Play board games: Playing board games together as a family bumps up the fun factor. Not only do they lure kids away from addictive video games but board games can also be educational, giving kids lessons in decision-making, consequences and strategic thinking. 
  • Plan a cultural experience: Chilly temps needn’t stop your crew from going on a group outing, such as a scenic train ride, a kid-friendly art museum or an educational science center. 

Making memories as a family is the ultimate experience of togetherness. From building a snow fort, to going on a special woodland adventure, have some snowy or cozy fun with these must-try winter activities.

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