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Family Fitness Plan

Easy Steps for Creating a Family Fitness Plan

The best way to achieve fitness goals for the whole family is to make them together, commit to them together, and do them together, while supporting one another.

We all know that it is important to be physically active. Regular exercise improves overall health and helps to reduce risks for common health problems, and yet most of us are not fit; many of us, together with our families, are far too sedentary. The more involved your family is in physical activity, the healthier they will be.

Make family fitness a priority. Here are steps you can use to create a family fitness program that will last:

  1. Call a family meeting.
  2. Be active together every day, or at least as much as possible.
  3. Plan meals together.
  4. Make and keep family goals.

Fitness and healthy eating habits can and should be made a priority in every family. By taking the time for family activities, your family will start to form healthy habits that are hard to break.

Setting goals, staying accountable, adding rewards, eating more meals together, and above all tackling fitness together, will help your family take steps toward better health. What you teach your children today is what they will take with them into adulthood.

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Get your heart rate up in your living room with this fun workout. This workout video is the perfect way for the family to get active together:

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