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Exercise & Colorectal Cancer Treatment

Exercise & Colorectal Cancer Treatment

The side effects of treatment may leave you feeling low in energy, but the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) stress the importance of moderate activity during cancer treatment. 

Why Should You Engage In Physical Activity?

  • It can reduce fatigue by 40-50% (compared to those who do not exercise).
  • It helps to combat depression.
  • It reduces the risk of weak bones (osteoporosis).
  • It reduces nausea.
  • It improves self-esteem.

What Are Some Tips To Get Started?

  • Talk to your doctor about exercise and fitness programs available through the cancer center.
  • Set short-term goals (This week I will __ . This month I will __.).
  • Take breaks as needed during exercise.
  • Exercise with a friend.
  • Be kind to yourself, getting back into an exercise routine can be a challenge.

Start slow and listen to your body. To gain maximum benefits of physical activity (exercise), the activity should be planned and structured.

For further information about colorectal cancer and exercise, access the quick facts at 

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