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Exercising and Stress

Get Moving on Beating Stress

Stress - it affects everyone. It can even be a good thing in small doses. Normal everyday stress can give us that rush of energy when we need it most. However, our bodies aren’t made to be in high-alert mode constantly. When stress is intense or long-lasting, it harms us mentally and physically. Chronic stress can cause many health-related issues, such as:

  • Digestive Issues;
  • Headaches;
  • Sleeplessness;
  • Depression and Anxiety;
  • Heart Disease;
  • High Blood Pressure; and
  • Diabetes.

Did you know that exercise is one of the most powerful weapons against stress? According to the American Heart Association, exercise lowers tension, improves mood, increases energy and improves sleep. It reduces the levels of your body’s stress hormones and boosts the production of endorphins, our brain’s natural mood-lifters and painkillers.

Exercise also lets you concentrate on your body’s physical motions, helping you forget the day’s struggles that otherwise flood your mind. What type of exercise do doctors recommend? Anything from yoga, swimming, walking, basketball and so much more can help you fight stress. It’s important to pick
something you enjoy. Consult with a health coach or ask friends what they do.
Please consult your physician prior to starting any exercise routine.

To access the full article for the benefits of exercise and stress, click here.

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