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Cooking Tips for Caregivers

Easy and Healthy Cooking Tips for Caregivers

If you’re already overwhelmed with your responsibilities as a caregiver, how can you find time to cook tasty, nutritious meals for a loved one? The answer: Keep it simple! Here are cooking tips you can add to your caregiver meal preparation toolkit to help you streamline dinner preparations.

Use these easy and healthy cooking tips to inspire healthy habits in the kitchen:

  1. Take stock of your nutritional needs:
    • Review any dietary or fluid restrictions your loved one received from their physician or dietitian, as well as any food allergies.
    • Do an online search of your loved one’s diagnosis, plus the word “nutrition.” Examples: “diabetes nutrition” or “congestive heart failure nutrition.” Use the information to plan meals.
  2. Finding recipes and planning meals:
    • Buy a food magazine with lots of pictures or go to a website with healthy recipes.
    • Order groceries online and have them delivered or ready to pick up.
  3. Adopting time-saving strategies:
    • Slow-cooker recipes can free up several hours in your day.
    • Look for one-pot meals (less time cleaning up).

Cultivate an environment of mindfulness while preparing food. This will lessen the stress of meal preparation.

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