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Evaluating Summer Day Camps for Kids

If you’re going to work or take classes during the summer then your kids are going to need something to do. Summer day camps will fill those gaps but keeping your kids entertained on a budget takes careful planning.

Research possible activities. Your child may love an activity for an hour but maybe not enjoy it as much if it were for a full day. Here’s what to look for:

  • Pay attention to your kid’s attention span before selecting a program.
  • Be sure to always look at the full daily schedule.
  • Ask questions about levels of classes and what the experience will be like for your kids.

Know where to look for affordable camps. Start with the child’s school or your place of employment or university. Asking a school counselor or a coworker with children around the same age can help open your eyes to a variety of new options. They can potentially recommend day camps that are in your price range or are focused on topics and activities your child hasn’t yet explored.

If you ask your child what they’re interested in doing over the summer then there is a better chance of you picking a camp they’ll love. Set aside at least an hour for this discussion because you want to be able to ask a variety of questions and pay attention to their answers. You can and should think about their current interests but also encourage your child to branch out by finding camps with a variety of focuses or enrolling them in a different program each week.

Once you’ve figured out if your child will like the day camps you’re considering then it's time to compare costs. Remember to ask about the pricing and any deals or discounts. For example, you may qualify for a discount if you’re currently a student or a discount based on your income. This is common for day camps run by nonprofit agencies or schools and universities.

With just a few hours of research, you can find a summer camp option that fits your budget, your child’s attention span and your child’s interests.

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