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Tips to Boost Your Financial Fitness

How to Finesse Your Finances

Just as with exercise and nutrition, the key to your financial wellness involves making simple and effective changes to your behavior to develop a better relationship with money.

According to a Barclays Money Mentor, setting yourself a manageable budget and practical goals will help you feel more financially resilient, organized, and in control, resulting in a healthier relationship with money. Here are some tips to help you boost your financial well-being:

  • Set budget boundaries.
  • Be a smart saver.
  • Plan for post-COVID expenses, or recovery.
  • Adopt new spending rules.

Becoming financially fit means feeling good and confident about your financial situation. It means being able to manage your money in order to meet your current and long-term needs. As with any type of training, becoming financially fit requires learning the principles and best practices used to achieve your financial objectives.

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If you are interested in taking your financial fitness to the next level, watch this video and try these tips:

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