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December's Focus is Fall Risk Prevention

Stand strong: 7 Ways to Fall-Proof Your Life

Every year, one in four people over age 65 experience a serious fall. For seniors, falling is the primary cause of severe injury, such as a broken hip or head trauma. Don’t let worrying about a fall get in the way of staying active and involved.

Here are simple ways you can fall-proof your life:

  • Keep moving to stay strong.
  • Discuss changes in ability with your doctor.
  • Re-evaluate your meds on a regular basis.
  • Get your vision and hearing checked frequently.
  • Declutter and reorganize.

Home is your safe haven where you let down your guard and forget your worries. Keep in mind, that 6 out of 10 falls happen in the home. All the precious things you’ve accumulated could one day become a hazard.

For the full list of ways to fall-proof your life, read here.

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According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma-related hospital admissions among older adults. Watch this video for 15 fall prevention methods for your aging loved one.

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