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​​​​CMS Bureau of Property Management ("BOPM") helps state agencies find space that meets their requirements while working to ensure low lease costs.

Space Request

State agencies may request CMS space acquisition by submitting a space request. Space requests are submitted to The form linked below includes instructions for completion.

State agencies may request to renew leases entered into prior to September 1, 2020 by utilizing the legacy lease space request form found below.

Novation Agreement

If a landlord/vendor sells a property leased by the State, the following novation agreement must be completed by the buyer and seller in order for the transfer of ownership to be approved by the Chief Procurement Officer for General Services and the Illinois Comptroller. Rent to the new owner cannot be processed until the novation agreement is processed by the Comptroller.

Subordination, Non-Disturbance, and Attornment Agreement (SNDA)

If a landlord/vendor encumbers a property leased by the State, the following SNDA template shall be used.

Current Leases

Each month, BOPM posts its Lease Inventory - a list of the state's current leases. This information includes total cost, square footage and ownership information, and is updated on a monthly basis.











Space Request

State agencies can request leased space using the below attached form:

Building Program Standards

CMS requires specific Building Program Standards to be observed in its leased properties. These standards encourage sustainable practices, standards of quality, performance and other criteria defining the property to be occupied upon completion of certain improvements. All Respondents are responsible for reviewing and complying with the standards.

Cost-Savings and Quick Facts

We have made great strides cutting costs and minimizing our environmental footprint by:

  • Using existing state-owned and leased space more efficiently.
  • Reducing the number of overall leases.
  • Implementing newer space utilization standards.
  • Eliminating any expired leases in holdover.
  • Since January 29, 2009, CMS has consolidated 134 leases and rebid or renegotiated 247 leases.  This has allowed us to eliminate nearly 2 M square feet of leased space around the state.
  • We have been using new space utilization standards to ensure the most efficient use of state-owned and state-leased space, saving money and reducing our environmental impact.
  • Through termination of costly leases and consolidations wherever possible, we have achieved approximately $43.8 M in savings.