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Preferred Hotel Listing

The Governor's Travel Control Board has negotiated discounted lodging rates with a number of hotels in the State. Those hotels can be found in the link below:

The preferred hotel listing will be updated regularly. It is important for employees to reference the listing on the website when making travel arrangements. For direct bill, check with your agency travel coordinator to ensure a direct bill account has been set up with the hotel by your agency.

Hotel Services and Amenities

To assist travelers in selecting a hotel to fit their specific needs, a list of services has been included for each hotel.

Tax Rates

Rates listed do not include applicable taxes. To assist agencies and employees in budgeting their lodging expenditures, current tax rates are included for each city listed. These rates are subject to change.

Negotiated Rates

The negotiated rates shown are valid January 1, 2024 - June 30, 2025.

Internet Addresses

Internet addresses, either for the hotel specifically or for the chain it represents, have been included for each property. Employees are encouraged to use these links to obtain additional information about the hotel and to make reservations when the negotiated state rate, or a better rate, is available through the on-line process.

Note: Although these links are provided to assist travelers in making reservations, employees must adhere to their agency policy regarding Internet usage.

Remember, hotels appearing on the Preferred Hotel Listing must always be contacted first when seeking overnight accommodations.

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