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Previous Kids Corner Articles - 2023

December is AIDS Awareness Month

December is AIDS Awareness Month. The "birds-and-the-bees" talk is rarely comfortable or easy for a parent, and many parents don't want to think that their child could get infected with HIV. But they can, and avoiding the topic could end up harming them. Teens and young adults get almost one-fourth of new HIV infections in the U.S.

November is Adoption Awareness Month

November is Adoption Awareness Month. For many adoptive families, it’s a looming, difficult decision: when and how should you talk to your child about adoption? Telling your child his or her adoption story might seem like a giant obstacle to be tackled, but in reality, it should be something discussed openly and honestly from the beginning.

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Some babies are born with a condition called Down syndrome. Kids with Down syndrome often have medical problems and trouble learning. But many can go to regular schools, make friends, enjoy life, and get jobs when they're older.

September is Alcohol Awareness Month

September is Alcohol Awareness Month. Underage drinking is a serious public health problem in the United States. Alcohol is the most widely used substance among America’s youth and can cause them enormous health and safety risks.

August is Amblyopia Awareness Month

August is Amblyopia Awareness Month. Amblyopia (also called lazy eye) is a type of poor vision that usually happens in just 1 eye but less commonly in both eyes. It develops when there’s a breakdown in how the brain and the eye work together and the brain can’t recognize the sight from 1 eye.

July is Hepatitis Awareness Month

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. It can damage and destroy liver cells. Hepatitis in children can be caused by many things. Your child can get hepatitis by being exposed to virus that causes it.

June is Aphasia Awareness Month

Aphasia happens due to an injury to the brain. It can happen suddenly or over a longer period of time. Aphasia can be mild or severe. The severity depends on the cause. Some children may recover some or all of their language abilities, others may not.

May is Better Sleep Awareness Month

Your body and your brain need sleep. During sleep, the brain sorts through and stores information, replaces chemicals and even solves problems while you snooze. Most kids don’t get enough sleep. Kids ages 5 to 12 need nine to 12 hours of sleep each night.

April is Stress Awareness Month

Young people experience stress from a variety of sources. Some stress can be positive but too much stress is overwhelming. Tuning into emotional or behavioral cues is important in identifying potential problems.

March is Colorectal Health Awareness Month

No one wants to see their child sick, even if it’s just temporary. Sometimes, you might suspect that there’s something more going on. So, how do you determine that there’s a more serious bowel or digestive problem with your child?

February is Children’s Dental Health Awareness Month

You can help your children literally make their permanent teeth permanent. Just teach your kids to take great care of their teeth at a young age for a healthy smile that can last a lifetime.

January is Thyroid Awareness Month

From deficiencies to autoimmune diseases, thyroid problems could have various causes. Thyroid problems in teens can adversely affect their physical and mental development.