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How to Avoid Scams this Holiday Season

The holidays are supposed to be fun. Unfortunately, though, criminals never rest, even on holidays. To save yourself the grief of dealing with these fraudsters, we'll look at the top scams that crawl out of the woodwork during the holidays, so you can learn how to protect yourself.

Foster Parenting

A family should become familiar with what it means to be financially prepared to start the adoption journey, and individuals and couples should take into account the long-term financial responsibility of raising an adopted child.


If you’re starting to save for retirement, you’ve got the right idea. Millions of Americans have little or no retirement savings at all, and the simple act of working toward a nest egg can put you on the right track.

Family Matters

In 2014, Congress passed the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act, which established a savings plan that helps those with disabilities pay for expenses related to their disability without risk of losing their public benefit also known as ABLE accounts.

Consumer Protection

Financial knowledge is crucial. When it comes to finances, most people accept that they lack information and therefore look to experts who can help make things clearer. The problem is that not all “experts” are truly reliable.

Savvy Parenting

If you’re going to work or take classes during the summer then your kids are going to need something to do. Summer day camps will fill those gaps but keeping your kids entertained on a budget takes careful planning.

Protecting Financial Legacy

There are a number of different terms thrown around when discussing wills. In fact, the word will" is often used to describe a number of different things. When you’re considering a document that controls where your possessions go after your death, you’ll want to ensure you understand the ins and outs.

Financial Wisdom

When it comes to overall financial health, there are several steps one can take to create a realistic and actionable plan to help sustain or improve their financial circumstances. The first step typically involves knowing where you stand on the financial front now, followed closely by defining your specific financial goals.

Understanding Financial Burnout

As the Federal Reserve raises rates to combat inflation, more of us are feeling a drain on our finances. Add mounting debt, the loss of a job, or any other source of financial strain and the stress can become downright overwhelming.

Save Your Money and Your Health

Health insurance might seem like an impenetrable mess, with deductibles and co-pays and so on, conspiring to confuse you. There’s a bright spot, though, in special accounts you can use to pay for your health care expenses. Best of all, these accounts can save you money.

Working Wellness into Your Budget?

As the idea of “wellness” has become an increasingly popular trend on social media, companies across the globe are marketing expensive products to ensure that you too can live this seemingly desirable lifestyle. But is that really the case?

Want to Earn Some Extra Income?

It turns out that you might be able to get paid to do the things you love! If you find yourself looking for ways to make extra money, consider harnessing your love for your hobbies. Paid opportunities to do what you love may start appearing everywhere.