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Congratulations to the 2023 G.O.A.L. graduates!

Below you will find the members of the inaugural cohort of the G.O.A.L. program. This highly-competitive program was designed to provide a robust professional development opportunity State mid-level leaders that maintain critical roles in advancing key initiatives and maintaining optimal operations for the State.

The 28-person cohort was selected from hundreds of applicants by a multi-agency evaluator panel and represent a diverse pool of leaders committed to advancing public service in State Government. The 2023 G.O.A.L. inaugural cohort includes:

  • Hernando Albarracin, Department of Natural Resources
  • Diana Alfaro, Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity
  • Jonathan Beato, Department of Employment Security
  • Michelle Camp, Department of Children and Family Services
  • Michael Cox, Illinois State Police
  • Michelle Dankoski, Illinois Emergency Management Agency
  • Kirsten Davis-Franklin, Illinois Cannabis Regulation Oversight Office
  • Thomas DeBetta, Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Sydney Ellison, Office of the Governor
  • Shami Goyal, Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
  • Rebecca Hooks, Illinois State Police
  • Eric Huber, Department of Revenue
  • Christa Jones, Department of Health Care & Family Services
  • Carolynne Jorgenson, Department of Human Services
  • David Lakeman, Department of Agriculture
  • George Letavish, Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
  • Dominic Meneghetti, Department of Transportation
  • Patrick Nolan, Department of Central Management Services
  • Ashley Oglesby, Illinois State Police
  • Ayesha Patel, Department of Central Management Services
  • Mohammed Rahman, Illi¬nois Environmental Protection Agency
  • Alicia Robinson, Department of Human Services
  • Anita Rumage, Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development
  • Kristina Shelton, Department of Corrections
  • Mark Stevens, Department of Public Health
  • Shelly Tweedy, Department of Central Management Services
  • Carey Vaughn, Governor’s Office of Management and Budget
  • Tiffany Weisner, Department of Central Management Services

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