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Important Reminder Regarding Medicare Part D

Medicare-eligible individuals enrolled in any of the State�s health programs, which includes the State Employees Group Insurance Program, College Insurance Program (CIP), Teachers� Retirement Insurance Program (TRIP) and the Local Government Health Plan (LGHP), have prescription drug coverage that is on average as good as, or better than, the standard Medicare prescription drug coverage (Medicare Part D).  Unless you qualify for low-income/extra-help assistance, you should not enroll in a Medicare Part D plan during this Medicare Part D open enrollment season.

As long as you maintain the State�s plan (State, CIP, TRIP or LGHP), the program in which you are enrolled can provide you with a Notice of Creditable Coverage to ensure you will not be penalized if you later decide to enroll in a Medicare prescription drug plan.  However, please remember that if you drop your entire group coverage through the State�s plan and experience a continuous period of 63 days or longer without creditable coverage, you may be penalized if you enroll in a Medicare Part D plan later.

If you choose to drop your State coverage, the Medicare Special Enrollment Period for enrollment into a Medicare Part D plan is two months after the loss of creditable coverage. If you keep your existing group coverage, it is not necessary to join a Medicare prescription drug plan this year.

State Notice of Creditable Coverage
CIP Notice of Creditable Coverage
TRIP Notice of Creditable Coverage
LGHP Notice of Creditable Coverage