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Express Scripts Acquires Medco

Effective April 2nd, Express Scripts acquired Medco Health Solutions.   Members will continue to receive medications without changes to the plan or network.

Until further notice, please note the following:

  • Medication packaging/labels will remain the same.
  • Members will continue to make their mail order prescription payments to Medco.
  • Members do not need to change retail pharmacies or alter home delivery orders in any way.
  • Medco�s mailing address has not changed.
  • The number currently listed on the Medco benefit ID card for refills and pharmacy-related questions has not changed.
  • Members should continue to use the same website and mobile apps that they have always used.

If any changes to Medco occur they will be posted to this website.  Members with questions may call Medco at (800) 899-2587.