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To assist your agency and the Office of the Comptroller in reviewing and processing travel vouchers, there are a number of guidelines you should follow.

Section's 2800.240 and 2800.250 of the Governor's Travel Control Board rules outlines the proper method to complete and submit travel vouchers.

  • If possible, travel vouchers (Form C-10) should be typed or produced electronically. If a handwritten voucher is to be submitted, be sure to print hard and write legibly.
  • The purpose of the travel, employee headquarters and residence, applicable points of departure, destination, dates, and times, are all vital to an expedient processing of the voucher.
  • Accurate mileage calculations must be noted on the voucher if a personal vehicle is used. Travel Update 07-01 outlines acceptable methods to record mileage reimbursement calculations.
  • Required receipts must be attached to the voucher. Receipts should clearly indicate travel vendor, dates, times, dollar amounts, etc.
  • All travel vouchers should contain the appropriate authorizing signatures prior to submission to the Comptroller.

Travel falls under five separate detail object codes. It is important that the voucher indicate the appropriate code for the travel.

Code Purpose
1291 In-State Travel -- Reimbursements to Employees.
1292 Out-of-State Travel -- Reimbursements to Employees.
1293 In-State Travel -- Payments to Vendors.
1294 Out-of-State Travel -- Payments to Vendors.
1295 Travel, Mileage Reimbursement to Employees

The purpose of the travel voucher is to make claim for reimbursement for travel expenses incurred while on travel status. Only expenses related to the travel should appear on a voucher, including: transportation expenses, mileage, lodging, meals, parking, tolls, etc. In addition, certain miscellaneous expenses can be claimed as defined in Section 3000.600(a) of the Travel Regulation Council rules.