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Travel Update 20-05

TO: Agency Travel Coordinators

FROM: Anthony Pascente, Chairman

DATE: June 24, 2020

SUBJECT: Temporary Blanket Exception for Use of Personal Vehicles - #20-05

The Governor’s Travel Control Board is issuing a Temporary Blanket Exception to Section 3000.300 of the Travel Regulation Council Rules which states “All travel shall be by the most economical mode of transportation available considering travel time, costs and work requirements” in an effort to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Beginning on the date of this Travel Update through September 30, 2020, subject to Agency approval, employees will be allowed to travel on official State of Illinois business and claim 57.5 cents per mile in lieu of other more economical methods (i.e. rental cars, State vehicles, ride sharing, Amtrak, etc.)

Travel Update 18-06, which allows employees to claim a flat rate of $32 per day when utilizing their personal vehicle for their own convenience, will be temporarily suspended during this time period. Rules regarding mileage deductions will still apply and are in full effect.

Employees are advised to attach a copy of this memorandum to their travel vouchers prior to submitting for reimbursement.

"Employees are further advised that Section 3000.220 remains in effect; therefore, an employee's regular commute between their residence and headquarters shall remain a non-reimbursable expense."

As the appointed Travel Coordinator for your Agency, it is your responsibility to disseminate this information to all appropriate personnel within your Agency. If you have questions, please contact Kelley Wells, State Travel Coordinator, at