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Travel Update 14-04

TO: Agency Travel Coordinators
FROM: Simone McNeil, Chairman
DATE: January 30, 2014
SUBJECT: Valet Parking

Please be advised that, absent exceptional circumstances, employees subject to the jurisdiction of the Governor’s Travel Control Board (the “Board”) are not entitled to reimbursement for valet parking expenses incurred in connection with State-related travel or business.

Title 80, Section 2800.300 of the Illinois Administrative Code (the “Code”) (which applies to employees subject to the Board’s jurisdiction) provides: “Reimbursement for the cost of automobile parking fees [] shall be allowed.” The Board interprets this provision as being subject to the general rule, set forth in Title 80, Section 3000.300 of the Code, that “[a]ll travel shall be by the most economical mode of transportation available considering travel time, costs and work requirements.”

In light of the above provisions, and pursuant to Title 80, Section 2800.710 of the Code, in order for an employee to be eligible for reimbursement for any valet parking-related expenses, his or her agency head must submit an ex post facto exception request to the Board detailing the reasons why valet parking was “the most economical mode” of parking available to the employee at the time the expenses were incurred. Absent the Board’s approval of such an exception request, valet parking expenses will not be reimbursed.

As the appointed Travel Coordinator for your Agency, it is your responsibility to disseminate the guidance contained in this Travel Update to all appropriate personnel within your Agency. If you have questions please contact Kelley Wells, State Travel Coordinator, Governor's Travel Control Board, at (217) 782-4705.


Amanda Sutton, Member
John D’Allesandro, Member