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Travel Update 10-07

Travel Update #10-07: Section 300.600 (a) (5) & (6)

TO: Agency Travel Coordinators
FROM: James P. Sledge, Chairman
DATE: May 27, 2010
SUBJECT: Section 300.600 (a) (5) & (6)

Section 3000.600 (a) (5) & (6) of the Travel Regulation Council Rules states that the cost of business related special expenses, if reasonable, shall be reimbursable, including: telephone calls on official business including calls of 3 minutes or less to announce safe arrival or delay-change in plans; and telephone calls to secure lodging. The Board hereby implements the policy that all calls for which an employee claims reimbursement must be reflected on the traveling employee's hotel receipt. Employees to whom the State of Illinois has issued cellular telephones may not claim reimbursement for telephone calls under this section.

As the appointed Travel Coordinator for your agency, it is your responsibility to disseminate this information to all appropriate personnel within your agency. If you have any questions please contact Kelley Shaw, State Travel Coordinator, at (217) 782-4705 or by email at

Agency Heads
Agency Fiscal Officers
David Vaught, Member
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