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Travel Update 08-06

Governor's Travel Control Board Travel Update

Agency Travel Coordinators
Maureen T. O’Donnell, Chairman
June 23, 2008
Citicorp Diner’s Club – Contract Extension

The State of Illinois’ contract with Citicorp Diner’s Club to provide travel card services to State of Illinois employees will expire on June 30, 2008. A Request for Proposal has been issued for a vendor to provide these services, but a new contract will not be in place before the current contract expires. Therefore, Diner’s Club has agreed to issue a 90 day extension of the current contract.

As the appointed Travel Coordinator for your agency, it is your responsibility to disseminate this information to all appropriate personnel within your agency. If you have any questions please contact Kelley Shaw, State Travel Coordinator, at (217) 782-4705.


Agency Heads
Agency Fiscal Officers
John Filan, Member
Victor Roberson, Member
Michael Wortham