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Travel Update 06-03

Governor's Travel Control Board Travel Update

Agency Travel Coordinators
Paul Campbell, Chairman
November 7, 2005
President Abraham Lincoln Hotel and Conference Center &
Collinsville Holiday Inn

Hotels listed in the Fiscal Year 2006 Preferred Hotel Listing must always be contacted first when seeking overnight accommodations. The Governor's Travel Control Board wishes to affirm the existing policy regarding the use of certain hotel and conference centers. The policy mandates that when seeking overnight accommodations, conference and meeting space in downtown Springfield and the city of Collinsville, the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel and Conference Center and the Collinsville Holiday Inn are to be utilized only in the event the “state” rate is unavailable at the other preferred hotels in each area. Should utilizing either the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel and Conference Center or the Collinsville Holiday Inn prove to be more economical and in the best interest of the state, an exception can be requested from the Governor's Travel Control Board. Requests must be submitted in writing and signed by the Agency Head. Requests for exception to this policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you have questions, please contact Kelley Shaw, State Travel Coordinator, at (217) 782-4705 or by e-mail at .


Agency Heads
Agency Fiscal Officers
Joe Cini, Member
John Filan, Member
Marcelino Garcia