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Travel Update 04-03

Governor's Travel Control Board Travel Update

Agency Travel Coordinators
Michael M. Rumman, Chairman
September 30, 2003
Air Travel Between Springfield and Chicago

The Governor’s Travel Control Board wishes to provide clarification in regard to travel rules for booking flights between Springfield and Chicago. Section 3000.300 of the Travel Regulation Council rules states, “All travel shall be by the most economical mode of transportation available considering travel time, costs and work requirements.” In most cases when air travel is required, utilizing Midway Airport is the most cost effective. When making flight arrangements, employees should ask for the lowest fare and should not assume that the ‘State” rate is automatically the lowest fare.

Please remember when traveling by air, it is imperative that employees arrive at least one hour before departure. Approximately 30 minutes before departure, the ticket counter is closed and available seats are given to passengers flying “stand by”.

Additional flights are being added between Capital Airport and Midway Airport beginning November 1, 2003. Attached is a revised flight schedule for your convenience.

If you have any questions, please contact Kelley Shaw at (217) 782-4705.

Agency Heads
Agency Fiscal Officers
Brian Daly, Member
John Filan, Member