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Travel Meeting Minutes - March 28, 2018


Meeting of the Board

March 28, 2018
10 a.m.

James R. Thompson Center
Room 4-400
100 West Randolph Street
Chicago, Illinois 60601


William G. Stratton Building
Room 715
Springfield, Illinois 62706




In Chicago
  • Tim McDevitt, Chairman
In Springfield
  • Jim Foys, Member


In Springfield
  • Kelley Wells, State Travel Coordinator
In Chicago
  • Ennedy Rivera, CMS Legal Services

Not Present

  • Morgan Kreitner
  1. Call to Order

    At approximately 10 a.m. Chairman Tim McDevitt called to order a meeting of the Governor’s Travel Control Board.

  2. Consideration of Minutes

    November 8, 2017

    The minutes of the meeting of the November 8, 2017 meeting were approved. Motion made by Jim Foys with a second by Chairman McDevitt to approve the minutes.

  3. Exceptions
    1. Exception Report
    2. Approved Travel Exceptions
      1. CMS – Hotel Early Departure Fee
      2. EPA – Airfare Booked with 3rd Party Vendor
      3. IDES – Airline Ticket Unused
      4. Veterans’ Affairs – Airfare Booked with 3rd Party Vendor
      5. IDOT – Employee Controlled Housing for Engineers
      6. IDOT – Amtrak Fare over the State Rate
      7. IDOT – Valet Parking
      8. IL Gaming Board – Resort Fee
      9. IL Gaming Board – Resort Fee
      10. IL Gaming Board – Resort Fee
      11. IL Gaming Board – Resort Fee
      12. ISP – Blanket Exception for IL State Police Executive Protection Unit
      13. Insurance – Amtrak Fare over the State Rate
      14. DCEO – Amtrak over the State Rate
      15. DCEO – Early Departure Fee
    3. Travel Exceptions – Denied
      1. IDES – Fuel Prepayment Reimbursement
      2. IDOT – Air Fare Cancellation Plan
      3. Illinois Labor Relations Board – Meal Allowance
      4. Illinois Labor Relations Board – Meal Allowance
  4. New Business
    1. The Board discussed the practice of allowing employees to utilize their personal vehicle in leiu of a rental with a flat $32.00 reimbursment rate. A Travel Update will be drafted to inform employees and agencies about the official policy.
    2. A question was raised regarding employees who have two homes with regard to personal mileage reimbursement and commuting miles. The IRS definition of Primary Residence will be considered for this purpose.
    3. The Board decided to rescind Travel Update 17-05.
  5. Adjournment

    A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 11 a.m. by Chairman McDevitt. Jim Foys seconded the motion.