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Travel Airport Security

Due to heightened security measures, employees should allow extra time at airports. A number of factors will determine how far in advance of the scheduled departure time a traveler needs to arrive. These factors may include; size of the airport, type of ticket purchased (i.e., e-ticket, etc.), checked baggage required, etc. Smaller airports, such as Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport in Springfield, ask that passengers arrive one hour prior to the scheduled departure. Larger airports, such as O’Hare and Midway in Chicago, ask that passengers arrive at least 90 minutes prior to departure especially if a traveler needs to go to the check-in counter for any reason (i.e., check baggage, etc.). Some key points to remember:

  • A government issued photo ID is required at check-in and at the security checkpoint. An Illinois drivers license or state agency issued photo ID is acceptable.
  • If making a round-trip flight, be sure to obtain an itinerary and receipt. This will make the return trip easier at the security checkpoint.
  • Only ticketed passengers are allowed beyond the security checkpoint.
  • Travelers are advised to pack only what they need and should not pack any item that may raise suspicion or could be perceived as a dangerous object. These items would include; knives of any kind or size, mace, flammable liquids, etc. These items will be scrutinized and possibly confiscated at the security screening checkpoint. All baggage is subject to a thorough search.
  • Travelers should be aware of items carried onto the plane. One carry-on bag is allowed plus one personal item (i.e., purse, briefcase, etc.). They are subject to the same screening process. Travelers should be prepared to demonstrate the operation of electronic equipment such as cell phones, lap-tops, etc.

For additional information on airport security and the airline industry in general, employees may want to visit the following Web sites:

The Transportation Security Administration site also contains links to individual airports where more specific information can be obtained.