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Airlines - Reservation/Booking Procedures

Employees are encouraged to use a variety of booking methods to ensure the lowest possible fare is obtained. Methods could include:

Some airlines publish discounted airfares for state government travelers. These fares should always be checked when appropriate. State of Illinois employees are not eligible for published federal government fares. Any state agency or employee who accepts a federal government fare may be held liable for the difference in the cost of the federal fare and a standard coach fare (or any other fare chosen at the discretion of the airline).

Regardless of how an airline ticket is booked, employees should always know the restrictions and potential penalties applicable to the fare in case cancellation or change is necessary.

*Airfare and lodging should not be booked as a package through 3rd party vendors. When booked as a package 3rd party vendors do not provide a detailed receipt which causes an issue verifying that the lodging rates are within the proper guidelines.