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FY2013 LGHP Health Plans

Four of the State’s managed care plans that will be in place for FY2013 may now be elected during the Benefit Choice Period.  Please note, however, that these are not necessarily the only managed care plans that will be available as the remaining managed care plans have yet to be determined for the upcoming plan year.  Once all of the health plan contracts have been decided for the upcoming plan year, the Benefit Choice Options booklet and the Benefit website will be updated with those options. 

Additionally, all members will receive a letter with a listing of health plan options and the deadline by which members, who wish to change their health plan election, must submit a Benefit Choice Election form.  Members will be given sufficient time to make their health plan decision and election. 

The following health plans are currently available for FY2013 and will be available in the same counties as they are in the current plan year:             
  • Local Care Health Plan (administered by Cigna) (D3)
  • BlueAdvantage HMO (CI)
  • HMO Illinois (BY)
  • Coventry OAP (CH)
  • HealthLink OAP (CF)