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FY2022 CIP Rates

Monthly Contributions​​​

The College Insurance Program (CIP) shares the cost of health coverage with you. While CIP covers the majority of the cost, you must make monthly contributions based upon the health plan you select.​

​ Type of Participant​​ Type of Plan​ ​Not Medicare Primary​ ​ ​ ​Medicare Primary*
​​​​ ​ Under Age 26​ Age 26-64​ Age 65 and Older​ All Ages​
​ ​Benefit Recipient Managed Care Plan (OAP and ​HMO)​ $137.11


​College Choice Health Plan


​ ​Dependent Beneficia​ry ​Managed Care Plan (OAP and HMO)


​College Choice Health Plan $618.69



*This rate applies to benefit recipients enrolled in Medicare Part A only and whose Part B benefits are reduced. If you, or your dependent is actively working and eligible for Medicare, or you have additional questions about this requirement, contact the CMS Group Insurance Division, Medicare Coordination of Benefits (COB) Unit