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Special Enrollment Period

In order to address any member concerns, CMS has committed to a Special Enrollment Period prior to the end of the calendar year. During this period, members will be able to change their health carrier plans based on any changes to the provider networks or any other member considerations. A date has not yet been set for the Special Enrollment Period; however, we do not anticipate setting that date until AFTER July 1st. Members will be advised as soon as the Special Enrollment Period dates are set. Members will ONLY be permitted to make health carrier changes during the Special Enrollment Period. Even though a Special Enrollment Period will be held to address any future changes, members whose health plan will no longer be available on July 1st MUST make a decision prior to June 17th in order to prevent being defaulted to the College Choice Health Plan on July 1st.

When the Special Enrollment Period occurs, members who change health plans during that enrollment period will be required to satisfy all required deductibles associated with that plan (health and prescription).