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CIP Dental Plan

The College Choice Dental Plan (CCDP) is a dental plan that offers a comprehensive range of benefits. All benefit recipients and enrolled dependent beneficiaries have the same dental benefits available regardless of the health plan selected. Participants may go to any dental provider for services. The CCDP is administered by Delta Dental of Illinois.

Plan participants can choose any dental provider for services; however, plan participants may pay less out-of-pocket costs when they receive services from a network dentist. There are two separate networks of dentists that a plan participant may utilize for dental services in addition to out-of-network providers: Delta Dental PPOSM network and the Delta Dental PremierSM.

The CCDP reimburses only those services listed on the Dental Schedule of Benefits or FY2016 - FY2018 Orthodontia Schedule of Benefits. Listed services are reimbursed at a predetermined maximum scheduled amount. Each plan participant is subject to an annual plan deductible for all dental services, except those listed in the Schedule of Benefits as ‘Diagnostic’ or ‘Preventive’. The annual plan deductible is $100 per participant per plan year. Once the deductible has been met, the plan participant has a maximum annual dental benefit of $2,000 for all dental services.

Most providers will file the dental claim with Delta Dental electronically, but for those who do not, the member must complete a Delta Dental of Illinois Claim form and send to the address on the form.