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Upward Mobility Program Jobs

Targeted Job Titles

There are three types of job titles in the Upward Mobility Program: certificate, credential and dual.

Dual Titles

Dual titles include positions for which employees are required to take a written proficiency exam OR obtain a degree or license (a combination of certificate and credential). Vacancies for dual titles are filled using the same priorities as are used for certificates.

Certificate Titles

Certificate titles include positions for which employees are required to take a written proficiency exam prior to enrollment in specific courses. The exam will identify which classes, if any, are required. Upon completion of the required course work, employees are retested to ensure they possess the necessary knowledge and skills required for the position. When proficiency is demonstrated in all segments of an exam, the employee is issued a certificate.

A certificate gives an employee priority for the next vacancy in that title in any agency. When more than one employee with a certificate applies for the job, seniority prevails in accordance with contract provisions.

Credential Titles

Credential titles include positions for which employees must hold a specific degree or license, such as Social Worker or Licensed Practical Nurse. Employees interested in applying for credential titles meet with an Upward Mobility Counselor to discuss education plans required for the chosen titles. When employees obtain the necessary degree and/or license, they are issued a credential.

Employees who complete the program for a credential title are considered qualified bidders for those titles.

Certified State of Illinois AFSCME employees under the jurisdiction of the Governor that already possess the necessary degree for an Upward Mobility credential title can submit an Upward Mobility promotional application along with their transcripts without enrolling in the program. Download the UMP 100B application [PDF, 468k] using Acrobat Reader. NOTE: The application is now able to be completed online and is enabled with "Reader Extensions", allowing it to be saved with the data entered. Adobe Reader version 7.0 or later is required to use these features.

Frequently updated listing of the job titles currently being offered under the Upward Mobility Program.