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Auto Liability Part 3100-500

Section 3100.500 - Notice of Multiple At-Fault Accidents - Warning Status

  1. If an employee is involved in two at-fault accidents within two years in which damages exceed $500 per occurrence, that employee will be sent a letter via certified mail from DRM placing them in warning status. Employees placed on such status will be encouraged to complete a remedial driver's training course approved by DCMS. For purposes of damage calculation, property damages to third parties or to the State vehicle or other State property will be based on the lesser of two repair estimates or on the estimate by the State's damage appraisal vendor. Bodily injury damages will be calculated based on medical evidence. Where primary coverage is provided by the State employee's personal insurance carrier, damage will be as documented by the private carrier.

  2. The letter shall notify the employee that an additional at-fault accident within one year of receipt of letter will place the employee's coverage under the Plan on probation.

(Source: Amended at_____Ill. Reg. 10036, effective July 15, 1997)