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Auto Liability Part 3100-1100

Section 3100.1100 - Review Prior to Revocation of Coverage

  1. Prior to revoking the coverage of any employee under the Plan, the Director of DCMS shall convene a special committee to review all accidents leading to the revocation.

  2. This committe shall be composed of three employees of DCMS and one representative of the employing agency chosen by the Director of that agency. If the employee whose coverage is to be revoked is represented by a collective bargaining unit, then a representative of that collective bargaining unit chosen by the unit shall also be appointed to the committee.

  3. The committee shall hear all relevant evidence including evidence or statements presented by the affected employee. The purpose of the committee's review is to verify that the record supports that the requirements of 80 Ill. Adm. Code 3100.1000 were present and support the revocation of coverage.

  4. The committee shall also consider any mitigating factors, including but not limited to length of service, prior driving record, the employee's position and the type of driving engaged in. The purpose of this review is to determine the mitigating factors such as are defined in 80 Ill. Adm. Code 3100.300 are sufficient to support the continuation of probationary status or dictate that revocation be for a limited time.

  5. The committee shall recommend to the Director that the employee's coverage either be revoked or that the employee remain on probationary status.

  6. If the committee recommends that coverage be revoked, it shall also recommend the length of the revocation period. Coverage may be revoked for between one and five years. The basis for this recommendation shall be the standards incorporated in subsections (c) and (d) of this Section.

  7. The Director of DCMS will then determine whether coverage should be revoked and the length of the revocation. The basis of this decision shall be based on the standards incorporated in subsections (c),(d) and (f) of this Section.

  8. The employee shall be notified of the Director's decision by letter sent by certified mail. Revocation shall be effective ten days from the date of mailing.

(Source: Amended at____Ill. Reg. 10036, effective July 15, 1997)