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Auto Liability Coordinator Basic Duties

  • Function as a liaison between the Risk Management Division, Auto Liability Unit, and your respective agency and/or district, division, etc.

  • Inform your agency personnel, who may drive state vehicles in the course of their employment, of their individual responsibilities and duties before they are involved in an auto accident in order that coverage is not forfeited by your driver and/or your agency for failure to meet Plan conditions for coverage to be in effect.

  • Assemble the documents required by CMS Auto Liability Unit and present them in the prescribed format, within the time frame outlined by the State’s Self Insured Motor Vehicle Plan.

  • Review the Motorist Report of Accident completed by the state driver to be certain that detailed information about the accident is given in the description portion of the accident report form and that it is legible. If the description is incomplete or vague, obtain additional information from the driver to clarify the facts before submitting to CMS.

  • Completely fill out the current edition of the Uniform Cover Letter [PDF, 15k] form. It is vitally important that we have the information requested on the Uniform Cover Letter, in addition to the accident report form (SR-1). We cannot proceed with the adjustment process until certain information is known and much of that information is on the Uniform Cover Letter.

  • Send both the properly completed Uniform Cover Letter and the SR1 (Motorist Report of Vehicle Accident) [PDF, 160k] so they are received by CMS within seven (7) calendar days following the accident. They are both required to open a new claim.

  • Act as a liaison between the Auto Liability Unit and the state driver involved in the accident until the claim is resolved. Additional information often times is needed from the agency and /or the driver. Be certain the driver understands his/her duties in the event suit is filed against them.

  • Provide to CMS as soon as it is determined, the dollar amount of damages sustained by a state vehicle involved in an accident, or other state property damaged by a state vehicle, with verification of those damages in the form of estimates or professional appraisals. This is required by Administrative Code. (Possible audit findings if not in compliance)

  • Attend one of the annual Auto Coordinator Meetings. Keep up to date on duties, responsibilities and current reporting requirements. Notify CMS of change of coordinators.

  • Your agency is responsible for recovery of damages to your state vehicle.