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State Services Assurance Act 2012 Report

March 30, 2012

Per the requirements of the State Services Assurance Act, we are submitting this report of the staffing level of bilingual employees currently employed at Central Management Services.

Employees of Central Management Services Receiving Bilingual Pay

Incumbent Class Title Position Number Language
Gutierrez, Carlos Public Service Administrator 37015-37-04-000-10-01 Spanish
Lazic, Maria Administrative Assistant 1 00501-37-04-000-03-01 Spanish
Magana, Mayra Human Resources Specialist 19693-37-22-200-01-02 Spanish
Rodriguez, Gladys Public Service Administrator 37015-37-04-000-01-01 Spanish
Solorzano, Maria Office Associate 30015-37-66-150-41-10 Spanish
Trevino-Aii, Rosa Administrative Assistant 1 00501-37-04-000-03-01 Spanish

Data as of March 21, 2012.