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Annual Flex Time 2008 Report

The following chart contains the statistics of flexible working hours of state employees under the Personnel Code by agency.

Column Column Description
Column 1: The reporting agency.
Column 2: The number of employees reported by each agency under Jurisdiction C (Working Conditions) of the Personnel Code as of December 31, 2007.
Column 3: The number of employees in each agency reported to be on a flexible work hour schedule; that is, whose five-day work schedule varied from the agency assigned schedule for the convenience of the employee.
Column 4: The number of part-time employees in each agency working less than full-time, but more than 20 hours per week and including intermittent employees.
Column 5: The number of full-time employees on compressed work schedules; that is, who work full-time, but fewer than five days each work week by working more hours each work day.
Column 6: The number of employees on shared jobs where two or more employees share the same job, each working approximately half-time in the case of two employees.
Column 7: The total number of employees in each agency working on a flexible work schedule. Part-time employees are not pro-rated.
Columns 8-16: The percentage of employees in each agency on a flexible work schedule per calendar year.

As of December 31, 2008, there were 48,742 employees under the Personnel Code; 13,744 employees (28.20 %) utilized flexible work hours. This total exceeds the goal established by the Personnel Code to allow up to 20 percent of employees to utilize flex hour positions in order to reduce the need for day care of employee�s children outside the home.

  • 14 agencies reported an increased usage
  • 24 agencies reported a decreased usage
  • 6 agencies reported no change in usage
  • 6 agencies/boards had no flexible hour usage for this reporting period